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Mariah Carey’s fans get angry with me if I report anything negative about her music sales.

But where are they when the star needs them? No place, it seems.

Eight days ago Mariah released “Save the Day” from her forthcoming “Rarities” album. The single features a sample of Lauryn Hill’s voice from the Fugees’ 1995 cover of Robert Flack’s 1974 hit “Killing Me Softly With His Song.”

They billed it as “featuring Lauryn Hill” which wasn’t true. It was just a sample, and Ms. Hill may never have known about it.

Anyway, the single has sold 6,100 copies as a download since its release. If you count in streaming, the total is 15,000. That amount wouldn’t generate enough income to pay for Ms. Carey’s eyelashes.  And who knows what they paid for that sample from the Fugees? I hope Wyclef Jean didn’t give it away. It was a cover of Roberta in the first place.

“Rarities” comes October 2nd, and I hope the “lambs” are more supportive. Mariah’s also got a book coming out, which I also hope someone fact checked.

PS So far this week– meaning Friday and Saturday– “Save the Day” has 125 downloads.

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