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NBC 1.835 million

CBS 1.3 million

ABC 2.251 million

Whatever Donald Trump and the Republicans were selling, broadcast Tv viewers weren’t buying it.

The 4th night of the RNC brought in a steady 5 million people last night. The lions share was with ABC, which had 2.251 million viewers. CBS had the least, with 1.3 million. NBC fell in the middle with 1.835 million.

Again, if the RNC were a network show, it would be cancelled.

Both NBC and CBS were down significantly from Night 3. Only ABC went up. CBS was down by about 400,000 viewers.

Later today we’ll get cable numbers. Fox News, which has had declining numbers, will be of interest.

Of course Donald Trump droned on and on for 70 minutes, lying and making no sense. But that was also after his complicit daughter made a ridiculous speech. And she followed the widow of a slain policeman whose stepchildren didn’t want her to speak, and a woman who’d been released from a life sentence in prison and didn’t thank the person who saved her (Kim Kardashian).

So it was a night of gypsies, tramps, and thieves, ingrates, liars and let’s not forget the Mixed Martial Arts guy. He was the Kissinger of the night!

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