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Terrible, tragic news: Chadwick Boseman, a fantastic actor and wonderful guy, has died at age 42. He’d been suffering from cancer for some time. Boseman had lost a lot of weight, and was photographed going into doctor’s offices, etc. There was a lot of speculation that something was wrong.

Condolences to his family, friends, and fans. This is awful.

Ironically, Chadwick played Jackie Robinson in the movie “42.” Tonight Major League Baseball is celebrating Jackie Robinson Day. All the players are wearing Jackie’s number, 42. Jackie Robinson Day was rescheduled to today from April 15th, but there was no baseball then. So this is very eerie.

Boseman starred also in Black Panther and many other other films including “Marshall,” in which he played Thurgood Marshall. He was note perfect in everything he did.

According to reports, he’d been suffering from colon cancer for 4 years. He was diagnosed in 2016, which means he kept this secret and made all those movies knowing the clock was ticking. Heartbreaking.

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