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Here’s a shock: in the ratings race for viewers during convention coverage, the Democrats have outdrawn the Republicans by a wide margin.

Across all six networks, the Dems had 21.4 million viewers for their third night of the Convention.

Last night, the Republicans pulled only 15.6 million. And almost 7 million of those were on Fox News. And that number was DOWN from 2016. Night 3 for the GOP lost 2.3 million viewers from Night 2, which is really amazing since last night was supposed to the Big Night, with the Pences, ridiculous other people like Kellyanne Conway and Lara Trump.

The numbers come from the great Mitch Metcalf’s Showbuzz Daily.

Does it mean anything? It might mean that even Fox News viewers aren’t buying what the GOP is selling. Last night Fox News drew 6.9 million viewers from 10pm on. Four years ago, they had 7.3 million. The loss in the key demo was commensurate.

Of course, Fox News skews older, so some of their fans may have died in the intervening time. RIP.

Maybe there’s just fatigue, especially among hate-watchers. Count me in as one of those who’s watching CNN to see the crazy Republicans. Let’s see how things go tonight, when deplorable Ivanka Trump introduces her despicable father.

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