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Sundance UPDATE: Apparently I missed some of the Sundance announcements. So to clarify: Sundance is happening if you live in Utah, and maybe in your hometown if theaters are open.

But in Park City, as I wrote earlier, the hotels are wide open for the seven days the festival will go on from January 28th to February 3d, a much shorter festival than usual. And a week later.

There may be showings of new indie films for Sundance in New York if Governor Andrew Cuomo allows people in theaters. Who knows? Maybe there will be a vaccine by then. Even so, a lot of the Sundance screenings will be virtual, with a lot of links sent to press.

A June press release read: “The 2021 Sundance Film Festival will be a grand partnership of communities. It will take place live in Utah and in at least 20 independent and community cinemas across the U.S. and beyond. Utah has been the home of the Festival for close to 40 years and always will be, but the 2021 Festival will extend beyond Utah and will be co-created by and for different communities in different locations, preserving what is magical about experiencing films on the big screen with others — even if at a smaller and socially distanced scale.”

Hey, I’m thrilled. Any reason not to go Park City in the deep freeze of winter is cool with me. And the people of Utah can spread out in the theaters and enjoy the movies in person!


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