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“Seinfeld” episodes have been seen over and over and over by fans since it went into syndication more than 20 years ago.

“The Ellen Show” is in reruns this summer of segments seen only this past season.

Last week, they had the same number of viewers: 900,000.

For “The Ellen Show,” it’s the lowest ratings in her 17 season run. Yes, these are reruns, but this week was 10% lower than last, which was 20% lower than the previous week. At this rate, “Ellen” will be a blip on the screen when she returns to first run shows on September 14th.

“The Ellen Show,” of course, has been besieged by bad publicity about toxic behavior backstage. Three main producers were just fired. Celebrities and regular guests have complained about poor treatment. There have been lengthy exposes about how bad it is to work there.

The fall out is severe. Can “The Ellen Show” rebound? Right now, it’s lagging behind “Maury,” one of the most puerile pieces of garbage ever on television and a total waste of a decent career for Mr. Povich, who will be remember for performing daily DNA tests on low lives to see who fathered a baby. She’s also tied with a guy named Steve Wilkos, a Jerry Springer spin off who looks like a bouncer.

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