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The three daytime soaps that went into reruns are back on the air with new episodes after a three month long pandemic break.

“Days of our Lives” never stopped showing first run episodes.

And the news is not great. All four shows have about half the viewers they left off with in May.

It’s not like all the actors and stories aren’t going full throttle. But August is always a low viewing month. And this August people got out of the habit of watching their shows.

The networks are going to have to step up promotion if they want their audience to return.

Number 1 show “The Young and the Restless” is really suffering with their lowest ratings ever. For the week of August 10th-14th, the total viewers were 2,685,000. “Y&R” should be up at least around 4.1 million.

The soaps have taken a lot of blows this year, starting with interruptions because of the impeachment hearings. The pandemic break was devastating.

So get back to your shows, fans! All the scheming and manipulating and sexy time is back!


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