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“The News with Shepard Smith.”

For some reason, I can hear Regis Philbin imitating Ted Baxter announcing this serious title.

But really, Shep’s new CNBC show begins September 30th at 7pm. That must be the minute his non compete with former employer Fox News ends. Smith was the voice of reason at Fox for eons until they finally forced him out.

Sanford Cannold and Sally Ramirez have been tapped as the Senior Executive Producer and Executive Producer, respectively.

CNBC traditionally tunes out when all the markets close, so this will revive their fortunes in the evening. If the Shep show works, it can be a building block for more programming. As long as they’re not going crazy conservative to compete with Fox, that’s fine. Maybe it will just be down the middle, sane stuff. Not a bad idea!

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