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Cher– yes, that Cher — is a patriot down to her million dollar manicure. She’s no Dark Lady. She revealed on Twitter today that she volunteered to work at the Malibu Post Office in light of all the cutbacks at the USPS. She wants to make sure all the ballots are counted!

She wrote:

“OK,Called 2 post offices In Malibu.They were polite.
I Said”Hi This Is Cher,& I Would like to know If you ever take Volunteers
Exclamation question mark
Lady Said She Didn’t Know & Gave Me # Of Supervisor.I Called & Said Hi This is Cher Do U Accept volunteers.”NO,Need
Fingerprints & Background Check”
Emoji: Disappointed but relieved face”

Well, she could do show for them. I bet they’d like that! PS You have to love her.

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