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EXCLUSIVE Kanye West is apparently “running for president” in an effort to help Donald Trump. He thinks blacks will rally around him and siphon off votes from Joe Biden.

So far he’s polling at 2% among black voters, so that’s not working.

He can’t count on his music fans to help him either.

Over the last few weeks, Kanye’s music sales– which were anemic to begin with– have gone into a steep decline.

This week, he’s running at around 50% of his sales from last week, which were minuscule.

But the trend is down, especially among fans who might be streaming his older releases or even his Christian themed “Jesus is King” album. Meanwhile, Kanye has stopped talking completely about his “Donda” album, which was supposed to be released a month ago and has vanished into thin air.

Figures from Buzz Angle/Alpha Data going back to the week of July 3rd showing Kanye’s total sales including streaming were 43,549. Fast forward to the week of August 7th, sales are 15,269. Actual album sales dropped by 50% from Julky 31st to August 7th. Digital album sales– Kanye’s bread and butter– fell 388 to 223. Physical album sales– which is most his catalog on CD– went from 1,168 to 782. By the time this adventure in offensiveness is over, Kanye may not have a music career to return to.

Does this translate to sneakers as well? And how does The Gap feel about Kanye’s politics? (The answer will surprise you. John Fisher, whose family owns The Gap, is a big Trump Republican donor.)

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