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That was fast.

Paris Jackson’s project, The Soundflowers, is over. Paris and her musician boyfriend, Gabriel Glenn, have broken up according to TMZ. Paris, an inveterate Tweeter, has been mostly silent for the last 10 days. Breaking up is hard to do.

The Soundflowers released their EP on June 23rd, two months ago. It sold 782 copies including streaming. Most of it was from paid downloads.

How many romances manifested in bad movies or failed music have hit the wall? Nearly all of them. Paris can call Jennifer Lawrence, who was so wrapped up with director Darren Aronofsky on the movie, “Mother.” But when the movie capsized, so did their relationship. Jennifer subsequently married someone else. Happy ending for her. Paris can also read Elizabeth Taylor’s life story. Her whole movie career was based around men she was involved with.

Paris is a star, she’ll do fine. This was not an embarrassing episode. She’s young enough to try lots of things. At 22, she should call her father’s great friend, Brooke Shields, to get advice about maybe some college now. But whatever she does, she’ll shine.

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