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Ron Howard’s 1985 film “Cocoon” is among his best and the very best of all films of the 20th century.

>When star Wilford Brimley died yesterday at age 85, Howard chimed in on Twitter with a reminiscence:

“RIP #WilfordBrimley We didn’t always see eye 2 eye but I owe this Cocoon scene to Wilford  while fishing w/the boy. I agreed & shot a few 3-camera set-ups & he was brilliant & honest youtu.be/7YBDiWnX5ig via

Howard, who gets along with everyone, that news was a bit of  a surprise. A Twitter responded and asked what exactly he meant. Howard replied:
“Wilford said the script was good but the scene could be better. He was right. He was a very inventive and thoughtful actor. His influence on the movie was wonderful”

Here’s the famous scene again. It made Brimley’s career:


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