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Claudia Conway, the beautiful and smart 15 year old daughter of Trump mouthpiece Kellyanne Conway and estranged husband George Conway, is back on Twitter. Or at least she was at 3am. Claudia, a rebel with a cause, rejoined the fray with a bang in the middle of the night for the first time since her parents grabbed her phone on July 13th.

Claudia has a lot to say. She started with: “got my phone back! probably wont have it for long though considering i’m about to revolutionize twitter brb”

Then she defended a photo of herself: “girl please shut up it’s a filter and i’m literally filipino and italian with a TAN. y’all look for trouble with anything BYE”

And then she got political: “reminder that a third party vote is a vote for trump!! don’t feed into the fire. we must get him OUT. i am compelling my younger audience, if you can, to VOTE. every vote counts.”

“here’s a PSA to all:
1. age should mean nothing in terms of intellect and willingness to learn
2. i am not disrespecting either of my parents; i am simply speaking my mind
3. to the media: stop exploiting a minor. i’ll sue you :)
4. judge me by the content of my character
this also goes to all the adults in my life who choose to belittle me in “defense” of my mother. it’s none of your business. i am my own person. i possess just as much respect and intellect as you do. what i do and how i use my platform is for the betterment of my generation.”

Finally, a word about her parents: “my parents are. not me. i won’t inherit sh!t and i’ll work for what i’ll earn.
Red heart
and they should be taxed more. put that money towards something other then their unnecessarily sizable mansion.”

Her worst jab at Donald Trump, her mother’s employer, came with this riposte
“yo i’m sorry but is this actually our president? he doesn’t even use correct english i’m crying “

Claudia has 128K followers, and is writing her own ticket to an Ivy League college. She’s the summer’s favorite teen, after charity Zoom concert organizer Demi Weitz out in Los Angeles!

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