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Here’s a first that’s a little alarming for people of a certain age: Taylor Swift’s new album, “Folklore,” has no physical product. There is no CD or LP so far for this album.

“Folklore” comes only digitally– as a download or on streaming services. But if you want to pop it into your car, home stereo, or turntable, forget it.

That hasn’t stopped her fans, who may not know what those things are anyway. On iTunes, Swift’s entire catalog including the clean and explicit versions of “Folklore” are in the top 100. Most of the tracks from the album are on the singles chart as well.

It’s not like there wasn’t enough time to make CDs. There was enough time make a whole merchandise site! But CD’s are expensive. Why make them if you don’t have to?

Will there ever be a CD or LP of “Folklore”? Maybe an LP that will retail high around $20 bucks. But so far there’s no indication on amazon that one is coming, or a CD. If you want one that badly, I guess make it home from your download. (Do people still do that?)


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