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Well, here it is: Taylor Swift’s surprise album, Folklore, along with a video for the first single, “Cardigan.” Button up! The National are primary collaborators, along with Jack Antonoff, Bon Iver, and Taylor’s boyfriend, actor Joe Alwyn, whose pen name is William Bowery. Presented as a spontaneous project, “Folklore” is marketed within an inch of its life. You can whittle away the hours listening to it. Since there were no press links, it’s news to us.

“Folklore” will be eligible for Grammy Awards this year. “Lover” was last year, but was snubbed completely as payback for Taylor making waves about her song rights being sold. But she’s got Grammys, so hey.

The big hit on the album comes toward the end. It’s called “Betty” and you almost think it’s a girl crushing on a girl in high school. But it’s 17 year old James who is having trouble saying goodbye to Betty. Sounds like a 70s single, opens with a harmonica, and it’s a story. Fans will be singing along to this for the rest of their lives.


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