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Taylor Swift’s new album, “Folklore,” dropping as a surprise tonight, was written and recorded just three months ago.

That was enough time, apparently, to develop a whole line of merchandise to bundle with the album, and a complete marketing plan. Not bad.

There’s also a fancy, expensive video to go with the song, “Cardigan,” that is debuting on all platforms simultaneously. Taylor wrote and directed it, but Oscar nominee Rodrigo Prieto did the cinematography.

There’s an actual Taylor Swift cardigan that you can buy on the site. It’s 100% acrylic, “Cream cable knit cardigan with black matte buttons, dark gray trim, light gray star embroidery on both arms, and light gray album title patch on left chest with dark grey font.”

Price: $49, and you get the album. There’s also a $60 hoodie, a $55 pullover, a phone case, a t shirt, a phone holder, and a black and white “lithograph” to pin up over your bed.

Carpe diem!

PS Remember when Joni Mitchell’s “Blue” came out and there was whole line of blue stuff? No, I didn’t think so. Or remember when Carole King was selling tapestries, and Carly Simon had ready make “Hot Cakes” at the supermarket? No? Maybe that’s why we took their music seriously.


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