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The year 2020 is pretty much over, movie wise.

Paramount has moved “Top Gun: Maverick” and “A Quiet Place II” to next year. The former will come on July 2nd, the latter in April. I have a soft spot for “A Quiet Place II.” It was the last premiere I attended before the pandemic. I was about to run the review when everything came to a halt. Here’s my review: it’s really terrific and scary and sets up Part III, which we’ll see one day. I’m really glad Paramount didn’t put it on home video.

As for “Maverick,” Glen Powell will have to wait for his big close up til next year!

Disney has taken “Mulan” off their schedule indefinitely. That news came this evening.

The James Bond movie “No Time to Die” will be next. It’s no time to release. “Wonder Woman 1984,” etc are all going to move from fall dates.

The fact is, movies, like Broadway, can’t return to theaters until there’s a vaccine. So this business is crossing fingers and making new fake dates is just a waster of time. I think the MGM decision to move “Respect” to January 15th makes good sense. MGM also has “No Time to Die.” I think all the studios will hope for a vaccine by year’s end and go big in February. February will be the new December.

I do hope “Greyhound,” “Hamilton,” and a few others will get theatrical releases after the vaccine. Until then, it’s all going to be at home viewing.

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