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Now she’s promoting anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan on Instagram. This despite the fact that she carries on about “being Jewish” and claiming Jewish holidays, using Hebrew as stage ornaments because she’s the main investor in the Kabbalah cult of Los Angeles.

The video below she posted as a teaser for Farrakhan’s July 4th speech that was broadcast only by Puff Daddy’s Revolt TV. The speech, the whole thing, is revolting.
In the speech Madonna touted on Instagram, Farrakhan called Jews “Satan” and promoted an anti-Israel conspiracy theory.

Madonna is like Dr. Tim Whatley from “Seinfeld.” She wants to be Jewish for the jokes. But even members of Kabbalah should be upset that their celebrity benefactress is endorsing speeches by a man who would like to annihilate them.

According to writer Shiryn Ghermezian, over the weekend Madonna also posted and deleted from social media several endorsements of Palestine with the hashtag #istandwithpalestine.

It’s not like any of this matters anymore. Madonna’s tour was a series of disasters, and her records don’t sell anymore. But she’s still influential to some extent as a celebrity, and she’s dangerously stupid.


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