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This has been a weird time of denial.

Every two weeks the studios move the dates of releases hoping the virus will be cured and people will flood back into theaters.

I’m afraid that is not going to happen until there’s a vaccine. So today, like every other Monday, all releases are changing again.

“Tenet” has been moved into “I don’t know” by Warner Bros, which also flipped “Conjuring 3” to June 2021.

Now Sony has ditched August 12th for “Broken Hearts Gallery” and put it on forever hold. I’d just put that one on VOD or Netflix, frankly.

Ditto “Mulan,” which Disney will yank soon for the umpteenth time. Just put a promo on “Hamilton” and send it out on Disney Plus. This is tiresome.

Warners still has to deal with “Wonder Woman 1984.” Soon they’ll say “end of October.” But I don’t think we’re going to see any releases of major films before Thanksgiving.

The whole schedule is getting pushed back– “Black Widow,” and so on. I just hope Paramount will chill and only release “A Quiet Place, Pt. 2” only to theaters. It’s really, really good and deserves the big screen.

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