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Kanye West won’t be on the South Carolina ballot.

He never turned in the signatures needed or the petitions so he would be eligible.

According to the Charleston Post and Courier: “West’s only remaining path in South Carolina would be to receive the presidential nomination of one of the 10 certified political parties in the state. He had previously announced he would be running as a candidate under the self-created “Birthday Party.”

No one ever showed up today with the needed signatures after Kanye’s crazy appearance yesterday in which he sobbed, carried on about the debate to abort his first child, sullied the name of Harriet Tubman, and otherwise had a meltdown.

As I told you just two days ago, the South Carolina PR stunt was to get attention for a new album, allegedly dropping this Friday.

It may have also been part of a bi-polar episode, which started with his presidential announcement on July 4th and has basically made no sense and been one outburst after another.

Kanye also has new, very expensive sneakers coming this week. They cost $580, from Adidas. I made an offer one site to pay $100 for a pair, was rejected. I am very, very glad.

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