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Anna Wintour may be in a lot of trouble over at Vogue. I’ve heard for a while that Conde Nast wants to bring over the editor of British Vogue, Edward Enninful. They may reason to now.

Anna’s new issue for August may be a bell of bad wether for her. (Get that?)

Olympic star Simone Biles is on the cover in a pretty hard cover gritty sports-like photograph, not fashion oriented at all. (Both Vogue and Vanity Fair each have covers this month with black women. They do pivot fast. And this after years of no black cover subjects.)

Total number of pages is anemic and surprising 90. As in NINETY. I didn’t think you could do perfect binding for 90 pages. I thought you’d have to staple it.

More worrisome is that including the back cover and inside covers there are only 23 pages of ads. And one of them is for vogue.com.

Even the models who appear in Vogue aren’t that thin!

The August 2019 Vogue was 149 pages. It boasted a very snazzy Ariana Grande on the front. If only the magazine had been so kind to Biles.

One astute insider quipped to me:
“The fall fashion issues August and September are the “go to” for all retail advertisers. Gucci is not advertising. Nor is  Louis Vuitton or Ralph Lauren. Vogue is highlighting tacky ads by Kotex, Always and Skechers in their primary fall issue!!!”

She added, in horror: “The back inside page is GEICO !”

Oh, Anna: remember Si Newhouse and Mr. Liberman and Andre Leon Talley? You actually can’t forget Andre Leon Talley now. Irving Penn and Leo Lerman must be rolling in their graves.



Photo of Vogue thanks to Linda Solomon/Facebook.

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