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Here’s the Kygo remix of Tina Turner’s “What’s Love Got to Do with it.” It was unnecessary, but we have nothing else to do. Is Tina coming out of retirement? No. When she appeared last November at the Broadway premiere of “Tina! The Musical,” she was sassy as usual but fragile. She didn’t even come to the premiere after party. We love her, we’re always happy to see and hear her, but Tina should enjoy her retirement. She worked hard and deserves it.

The video stars the great Laura Harrier and Charles Michael David. Sarah Bahbah wrote and directed it. The remix doesn’t do much to the original perfect record. This worked with Kygo and Whitney Houston last summer because it was an unreleased song, it was unexpected, we though there was no more in the Whitney archives. But this song is a massive hit for 35 years. No surprises. Tina’s people should find some unreleased material.

PS If Tina were up to it, she’d have been IN the video, even a cameo. She’s not. Which is fine. She’s given us EVERYTHING. She has nothing to prove.

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