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The Toronto Film Festival is soldiering on despite the fact that no one is coming — we can’t go to Canada because the border is closed, plus no one wants to fly anywhere. It’s a very bad situation because we love TIFF and know they are suffering financially. The festival is looking for donation from film fans and movie studios.

Today TIFF announced that they’re giving their annual Tribute Actor Award to Kate Winslet. I guess this will be via Zoom. Kate is not flying in from the UK, obviously. And we’re not going up there. But we’ll watch it on Zoom. I’m sure the Oscar winning Ms. Winslet will send a pithy speech– I sure hope so, she’s one of the wittiest people I know. The first time we met, long ago, she told me to “Bugger off.” We’ve been friends ever since!

Officially:” The Awards mark an annual fundraiser to support TIFF’s year-round programming and the organization’s core mission to transform the way people see the world through film. The TIFF Tribute Awards honour the film industry’s outstanding contributors and their achievements, recognizing leading industry members, acting talent, directorial expertise, new talent, and a below-the-line artist and creator.”

If you love film, send this festival a token donation! We want them in good shape for next year.

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