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A few weeks ago I told the Michael Jackson fans on Twitter that I good news coming for them. SiriusXM was working on dedicating a channel to the late King of Pop.

I knew what was happened, but I paused out of deference to Sirius, which I love. They weren’t ready, I was told through backchannels.

So of course, no good deed goes unpunished. Today they announced it. I can tell you that Sirius is doing a bunch of new dedicated channels. Bob Marley is getting one. Prince won’t be far off.

The stars who have them now are The Beatles, Elvis, Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel, Tom Petty, the Grateful Dead, Frank Sinatra and pals. and a few others. Sirius is flexible enough to do pop up channels when they’re necessary. The artist just had to have a big enough catalog, and a management or record company willing to collaborate.

The Michael Jackson channel will be a big hit, I predict. There’s plenty of music. And if it’s handled as skillfully as the Beatles channel, there will be plenty of interviews and clips and audience interaction.

So that was my news, it’s just something nice we can all enjoy.

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