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Lost in the confusion of yesterday’s Tweets, ex game show host Chuck Woolery made a startling admission. His son has tested positive for coronavirus.

That’s one day after Donald Trump retweeted Woolery’s declaration that the whole thing was a hoax.

First this:

then this:

He followed that news up with this Tweet: “Let me clear this lie up,” he tweeted. “I have never claimed that Covid 19 isn’t real as many news stories have falsely stated. I don’t believe it is a conspiracy theory. I just don’t trust the information we have been given about it. I do believe it is being politicized. Is that clear enough?”

This guy is a perfect example of the drone like Trump followers who advocate stupidity and ignorance, then have to backtrack when reality comes knocking.

Ironically, he won’t shut up. He has kept blathering away on Twitter. Condolences to his son who must live with this inane old man. The really sad part of this is that Chuck had a son who died in 1986 in a motorcycle accident. You’d think he’d have more respect than to keep wheezing on in Trump’s favor and wise up already.

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