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California Governor Gavin Newsom has pretty much finished off the summer movie season. He just closed all theaters in the state.

That should be the end of Warner Bros’s “Tenet” and Disney’s “Mulan,” among other films, opening before Labor Day.

Both films have been moved several times. For Warner’s, which has struggled with getting the Christopher Nolan movie out, this will be a tremendous frustration. But it would be impossible to open movies this summer without open theaters in New York, California, or Florida.

“Tenet” was set to open on August 12th. But now the studio should really aim for the end of the year. The 10th anniversary release of Nolan’s “Inception” set for July 31st doesn’t look very likely either.

“Mulan” has been moved many times by Disney, which now will likely release it on DisneyPlus after the huge success of “Hamilton.”

With Newsom’s latest decision, all movie releases for theaters are now up in the air. But keeping people healthy is more important.

The Governor is rolling back most of the situations in California as COVID continues to spike. Nearly every county is affected. All indoor dining is ceased. All bars are closed, indoor and outdoor.


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