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Kanye West, who declared last week that he would for president, has so far done nothing about it. Well, his one presidential act was registering to vote, for the first time, in Wyoming, where the deer and the buffalo roam. He posted a video about the experience, and that was at least normal.

But then he posted the listicle below, a random group of names and words under the rubric YEEZY SOUND PROPOSAL. The list ends with his daughter’s name, North West, unless that’s actually a direction. CYHI is a group he produces, Ye is himself, Clipse is a hip hip duo, Tony Williams was a famous jazz drummer who Kanye might be sampling, “KC” might be KC and the Sunshine Band who are always good for sampling, “Abstract Mind State” is where Kanye lives.

What’s going on? If we knew that, then all the issues of the universe would be solved. Kanye is receiving messages from all kinds of places. If we had a leader, we could bring it to her.

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