This is the new world in Hollywood. After lying about their marriage for years and denying all kinds of stories, Will and Jada Pinkett Smith came clean today on Facebook. They did almost break up, she — then 44 — had an affair four and a half years ago with a 23 year old singer who had an autoimmune disease, and Will was okay with it. They worked through it in therapy. Now they’re together again.

This does explain all the weird stuff their kids did do in public. And it suggests that rumors of their “Open marriage” were at least partially true. Maybe this explains all the bad movies Will made. “I wasn’t sure I wasn’t ever going to speak to you again,” Will tells Jada. “The fact that I am is a miracle.” Well, it sounds like fun! Only people really really wealthy can pull this kind of thing off, you know.

Did Will have affairs? Evidently yes, as you’ll see when they joke about whether Will “got her back.” Where is his lover? Where is their book?

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