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Dominic Fike’s first album is here, this month.

Fike, a budding R&B star from Naples, Florida, was signed by up Sony’s Columbia Records president Ron Perry a couple of years ago for $4 million. The music industry was skeptical, of course.

Since then, there’s been something of a wait for Fike’s ship to come in. His first EP, “Don’t Forget About Me,” which attracted Columbia’s attention, were recorded in late 2017 while Fike was on house arrest for battery of a police officer. He serving a short jail sentence for breaking the terms of his house arrest just as the EP came out. He said in a recent interview that each of his parents is currently in jail. He was going to use his advance money to help them. This kid is only 24!

His album, coming July 31st, is cheekily titled “What Could Possibly Go Wrong?” Let’s hope it goes right. He’s released two singles already, “Chicken Tenders,” and “Politics and Violence.” I think he has real potential. And we need a success story right now.

Back on June 8th, Fike was supposed to release a new single. But he changed his mind and posted an impassioned observation to social media about the police that was incredibly moving. It follows here:


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