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When you get a call from Bebe Buell, who’s making music and chilling down in Nashville, you listen.

Bebe’s husband, Jim Wallerstein, has produced an EP for a new band, a duo from Australia living in the coolest music town in America and drawing huge attention. They’re called The Scent.

Singer/Songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Kurt Lowney and his musical soulmate Mika Nuutinen, have come together to create a new vision and sound for their debut. Having moved to Nashville from Sydney, Australia, their love for their newly adopted home has led them to set up shop in the USA. Kurt and Mika agree that there is a myriad inspiration to draw from in the diverse cultural landscape that is ‘Music City’.

Kurt played all the instruments on the record, with Mika playing bass, which was recorded at their home studio and mixed at the iconic Sound Emporium.

After finishing the record, the duo have put together the perfect line up of fellow musicians to help them take the music to the next level on stage.

With Kurt being a prolific songwriter, The Scent promises the future will hold lots of new material and exciting changes.

But LISTEN to this guy’s voice. He is radio ready. Tom Poleman, that means you! This group really Hearts Radio.

The Scent’s first video is for “Popstar” but below you can hear all the songs, now available on Spotify and iTunes.

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