Home Music “Hamilton” CD Soars Back to Number 1 on iTunes, Sells More Copies...

“Hamilton” is on Disney Plus so we’re never going to know how well it’s doing, or did on its first weekend of streaming.

But we do know what’s happening with the CD, which should be some indication.

On Friday and Saturday, the “Hamilton” soundtrack sold over 20,000 copies. Sunday should have added another 10,000.

That’s more copies than it sold in all of last week leading up the DisneyPlus release. Last week, “Hamilton” sold 24,000 copies.

The highest selling Broadway score of all time, “Hamilton” has already sold 350,000 copies since January 1st and at least 3.4 million since its release in 2016. Kudos to Pete Ganbarg and Atlantic Records for snatching up the rights the minute they saw it!

Also on the iTunes chart is the “Hamilton Mix Tape,” on Sony Music, at number 11.


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