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“Days of our Lives” producer Ken Corday, the cheapest man in show business, is trimming his sails to make it through another season.

The big news is that Kristian Alfonso, who’s played Hope Brady for 37 years, will not return in September when the show goes back into production. She says it’s time to move on, but it’s pretty clear Corday would not give her what she wanted in a new contract.

Corday has also lost Greg Meng, his executive producer for 31 years. Meng ran the show with Albert Alarr, but again, money brought his “Days” career to an end.

You have to wonder what goes through Corday’s mind as he has grown richer and richer and the show dies on the vine. “Days” production is maybe the worst in television. Sometimes the lighting is so harsh you think the actors will sue for optical damage.

In her parting message, Alfonso very pointedly thanks Corday’s late mother, Betty Corday, aka Mrs. Ted Corday, who ran the show from Day 1 after her husband unexpectedly died in 1965 soon after the series’ launch. Alfonso purposely leaves out son Ken, a misery who is the living example of how the second generation screws up success.

“General Hospital” would be very smart to scoop Alfonso up ASAP.

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