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We thought maybe Kanye West’s announcement that he’s running for president would help his music sales.

Alas, it’s had the opposite effect.

Overnight, Kanye’s latest single, “Wash Us in the Blood,” dropped from number 2 to number 27 on iTunes. It has yet to show up on an Apple Music chart. On Spotify, the single has just under 9 million streams, which adds up to very little in actual sales.

None of Kanye’s albums bounced back onto the charts. Not one.

The overall reaction to Kanye’s announcement is not a showing of mass support by…anyone…except Elon Musk. And we’re not  sure about him, are we? His cars have a tendency to explode.

But Elon and Kanye seem to have had some kind of recent meeting. On Instagram, Kanye captioned a photo of them together and called the eccentic entrepreneur “my boy.” He’s glad they’re each wearing orange. He’s forgotten that Orange is the New Black.

What would a Kanye cabinet look like? Kim K as Attorney General, natch. Travis Scott as vice president. Mike Dean, Secretary of State. And the rest he could just sample from previous administrations. The only administration would be an interpolation.



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