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Russell Simmons has doubled down on his pariah status. He’s basically self-exiled in Bali, escaping charges of rape.

Now Simmons, whose life in the US is basically over, has endorsed Louis Farrakhan, head of the Nation of Islam, on the eve of his speech to America on Saturday on Sean Comb’s RevoltTV. For Simmons to publicly back Farrakhan now is almost a concession that he knows he can’t ever return to his old life in America. He’s backing an avowed anti-Semite, who runs a hate group, and backs hate. Certainly, Simmons’ can’t his success in life came from supporting Farrakhan. Simmons’ life has culminated in disaster. Everything is gone, from his interests in music and comedy businesses to his philanthropic Rush foundation.

All the yoga and meditating in the world can’t mitigate what Simmons posted on Instagram from Bali: “People have hated me and criticized me for bringing this great Minister to speak to and mentor the hip hop community… to awaken the cultural elite, so they could empower the masses. Well i lost a few dollars and a few blind friends, but im proud and honored to have raised so much truth through this beautiful man. I never been a punk and i am proud that i never let them pressure me and their many threats fell on def ears. I’m one that never backed down I will take that to my grave and my God!!!”

Meantime, an HBO documentary about Simmons and his accusers outlines his alleged behavior.

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