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The BET Awards were more about quality than quantity went it came to ratings last night.

The show averaged 2 million viewers from 8 to 11pm, which means a fewer number of people watched than see CBS’s soap operas.

“60 Minutes” scored 7.4 million viewers from 7 to 8pm. Two thirds of those people bailed when the BET Awards began. The awards show had 2.4 million people for the 1st hour, 1.7 million and then 1.6 million.

The game shows on ABC and reruns of “America’s Got Talent” on NBC did a lot better.

I found the BET Awards so interesting and well produced, I’m sorry it didn’t have more of an audience. Kudos to CBS for having it on in the first place.

The show introduced a new clip from the Aretha Franklin movie starring Jennifer Hudson. JHud is on her way to another Oscar nomination and possible win. One interesting tidbit from the new clip is that screenwriter Callie Khouri has been restored to the writing credits as “Story by.” She was the original screenwriter, than director Liesl Tommy replaced her with her own writing partner, Tracey Scott Wilson. But I guess there was some kind of negotiation that put Khouri back into the credits.

 JHud also performed on the show, one of Aretha’s old songs that she covered from Nina Simone– “Young, Gifted, and Black.” It was a show stopper, of course. The movie “Respect” will be out for Christmas, we hope.

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