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I feel bad for the marketing and distribution people at the studios. What can they do? If the pandemic is raging with new cases and the theaters can’t open, the studios can’t release their movies.

But why won’t the studios just concede this right now instead of playing games?

Now Disney has moved its $200 million “Mulan” yet again, to August 24th. This comes after Warner’s moved “Tenet” to August 12th, last night. July is now devoid of big movies as the powers that be cross fingers COVID-19 will calm down by mid August. I sure hope so, but it doesn’t sound like it.

We have not had movies, theater, live music or any quality entertainment since March 12th. Amazing. But is it worth dying for? I feel very lucky I didn’t get sick at that Allman Brothers Reunion concert at Madison Square Garden that week. I would hate to have signed in, in heaven, with that as my last activity. Whew!

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