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Great news!

The revival of David Mamet’s “American Buffalo” and the launch of Tracy Letts’ “The Minutes” will open on Broadway next spring. Both shows were just about to open when COVID hit and shut down the Great Bright Way (thanks to Whoopi Goldberg for that).

Statement from the producers of American Buffalo and The Minutes: “It is the intent to open these plays—both powerful, funny and relevant dissections of Americana—in the spring of 2021, on the exact dates they were scheduled to open in 2020.  However, we will only do so knowing that there are safeguards in place that will encourage audiences to return to the theatre, and that our government will allow us to have gatherings of more than 500 people. We, the producing team, believe that a vaccine is essential as part of that process, and we are hopeful that progress will be made in that area to ensure that artists and theatregoers will return to support this vital element of our theatrical heritage:  the American play.”

The casts may not be the same, but it doesn’t matter. We need the plays! And take note they’re adhering to the regular Tony Awards schedule, unlike “The Music Man,” which I told you yesterday will open after Tony eligibility. “The Minutes” will open on March 15th and “Buffalo” on April 14th, exactly one year late. But better late than never!

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