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Over 80 days in the hospital, still just described as “alert” but not talking Broadway star Nick Cordero is still suffering from the effects of COVID-19 and other issues. His wife, Amanda Kloots, reports on Instagram tonight that he’s had a “little bit of a new infection” but “it’s under control” and nothing to worry about.

Kloots keeps an upbeat outlook even though Cordero has seemingly plateaued in his condition with no obvious sign of progress. She said he was “Alert.” Previously she has said that means he moves his eyes up and down but otherwise offers no contact after mini strokes, a leg amputation, serious issues with his lungs, and infections.

It is unclear why Cordero hasn’t been moved to a rehab situation yet. It may be that his condition is still too precarious. Meanwhile, well meaning “friends” continue to leave what I would call idiotic videos on Kloots’s Instagram Stories which are doing nothing for Cordero and just seem embarrassing. Does he really need an Elvis impersonator posting everyday? The whole thing seems to contradict the gravity of the situation.

We’ll stay up to date.

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