Home Politics 8 Million People on Fox News Watched the Trump Tulsa Rally Fiasco...

The ratings are in for Donald Trump’s fiasco of a rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

On Fox News, 8 million people tuned in between 9 and 10 pm Eastern to see the debacle. There were only 6,200 people in the Tulsa BOK Arena. Cameras should huge seas of empty seats, all painted Democrat blue.

From 8 to 9pm, the number was lower: 7,100,000. In the 10pm hour, when Trump was speaking but the disaster was clearly obvious, the audience dropped to 4.6 million.

CNN and MSNBC skipped most of the rally, and averaged around 2 million viewers.

Most of the Fox News viewers– 6 million– were over the age of 50, by the way. Fewer than 1 million were in they key demo of 18 to 49.

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