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Former CNN and radio talk show star Larry King posed in a wheelchair Sunday for Father’s Day.

He was surrounded by his family and looked happy nevertheless. No one wore a mask, but hey– Larry’s only halfway through his 87th year. He can’t get COVID-19.

Larry’s son Cannon — one of his 21 year old twins with estranged wife Shawn, age 60 — wrote on Instagram:

“Dad’s side of the family came out for Father’s Day weekend. We love this man!”

Larry looks frail, no doubt about it, but never count him out. He recently announced he’d signed a $5 million deal to do a celebrity interview show on the radio with something called Jeff Beacher’s 4Forty4 Media.

Yes, it sounds dubious, and what celebrities will he be interviewing? Jermaine Jackson? Mitzi Gaynor? Ruta Lee? OJ? There was a time when Larry’s CNN interview show at 9pm was the place to see celebs of the moment live and in person. But that was before there were cell phones.

Well, we’ll see how that deal pans out. Larry has five children from eight wives, so Father’s Day is a big holiday.



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