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An accusation against a member of the cast of a big movie planned for fall could torpedo the whole project.

The accusation, against Ansel Elgort, a popular young actor, is alleged on Twitter by a girl named Gabby with no last name and not much to back it up. But social media being what it is, word is traveling fast.

Elgort plays Tony, the romantic lead, in Steven Spielberg’s updated “West Side Story” coming this Christmas from Disney (via Fox). Elgort was the actor who I actually mentioned for the Tony role (although believe me, that meant little). He’s had a hot career at age 25, most notably in Edgar Wright’s “Baby Driver” and the teen weeper, “The Fault in our Stars.”:

The #Metoo world is so loaded right now that every allegation becomes fact instantly. Here there are few facts other than “gabby” posting her claim. She’s also posted a photo of her and Elgort, and a screen shot of texts. Neither of those things is evidence of anything.

There is no comment as yet from Elgort’s reps.

Gabby, whoever she is, says Elgort assaulted her in 2014 when she was 17 years old.  He would have been 19 or 20. She wrote: “It’s a lot for me to post this but I think it’s time I finally talk about my story of me being sexually assaulted. I need to heal and I want others to know they’re not alone…All the hate is fine because I know my story and the only reason for me posting it is to help people who I know went through something like this whether that be with a celebrity or not. As for the support I’m so thankful for you all…So many of you have dmed me your stories whether that’s with him or just in general. This is the reason why I tweeted what I did. I’m crying at work I’m so fucking thankful for you all. You’re not alone…Also the point of me posting my story was so other people can feel safe and can talk about their stories. It isn’t to “press charges “ or for “clout” simply be nice to others you never know wtf someone is going through or what they have to live with”

Since the postings, Gabby has gone radio silent. She’s also made her Instagram account private.

Is it true? Is it a false claim? And will it matter? We’re waiting word from Elgort’s rep, and further comment from “gabby.” Either way, the story is tragic for everyone involved. Social media without verification is like a bomb always waiting to go off. In this case, it’s about the two people at the center of the story, and also about the fate of this movie. You’ll recall how a couple of years ago, Nate Parker’s career was wrecked and his movie, “The Birth of a Nation,” became like Kryptonite after a scandal in his past was revealed.

Stay tuned…


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