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Paris Jackson is tough, I give her that. She’s not afraid of anything.

Next week, Michael Jackson’s daughter is releasing her first EP with what she describes as her band, The Soundflowers. The band is mostly composed of her and her boyfriend, Gabriel Glenn.

What Paris is attempting here isn’t easy. Her father was the most famous music personality in the world, certainly of his generation. In these situations often the problem is that the child of the rock star sounds so similar to the parent there’s no place to go. The result is it rarely works out.

In Paris’s case, she sounds nothing at all like Michael. Her music is kind of a Monterey Pop era folk rock, strummed on acoustic guitars. There’s no funk. No one will be singing “shamone” between the lines.

The Soundflowers may not be groundbreaking, but there’s nothing wrong with some pleasant pop sung by nice people. We could do a lot worse.

So circle June 23rd.


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