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Busy day today:

Kelly Clarkson is divorcing her husband, Brandon Blackstock, after nine years and two kids. Brandon has two kids from his first marriage. How did all this happen? Brandon’s father, Narvel, managed Reba McIntire and then they got married. Then Narvel started managing Kelly, and his kid married her. Brandon works for his father. Reba has new management, of course, and Kelly will, too, ASAP. Kelly has taken off like a rocket. It probably dawned on her that she didn’t need the Blackstocks now that she’s got a hit TV show, constant other appearances, hit singles, and so on. Plus, aside from the pandemic, she’ll be living in Los Angeles, not Nashville. Recently she put her homes in both places up for sale, which is always a sign that the end is coming.

Lady Antebellum: it finally dawned on them that their name had racist connotations. It means “before slavery ended.” Now they’ll be called Lady A. Probably a lot of their fans thought Antebellum was the name of a drug, like Belladonna. They say in their Tweet that the name Antebellum came from a house they posed in front of for their first photos. The house must have been a plantation, you know, the kind where slaves were kept and tortured. Did they not see “Roots”? “12 Years a Slave”? “Gone with the Wind”? Now they’ll be known as Lady A. Whatever.

Gabriel Sherman says in Vanityfair.com, which needs the readers, that newly divorced Sean Hannity is dating co-worked Ainsley Earhardt. Two disgusting people, they deserve each other. Before Sherman’s piece even went up, Page Six– Hannity’s cousin through News Corp–insisted it wasn’t true. That’s how you know it’s true. Mrs. Hannity probably knew about this for a long time, which is why she threw in the towel. She’s the lucky one here. Fox News, of course, is the home of family values. We’ve learned that the hard way.

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