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The great Nancy Sinatra turned 80 on Monday. Happy Birthday, Nancy. A fine singer, no one could shake a mini skirt and rock those kinky boots like Nancy back in the day. She struggled to do the impossible: have a singing career when her dad, Frank, was (and still is) the most famous vocalist in the world. But she had a bunch of them. Her most famous was “These Boots are Made for Walking.” But my favorite was her theme song to the James Bond movie “You Only Live Twice.” And don’t forget her duet with her dad, “Something Stupid.”

More importantly: Nancy posted a Tweet directed to Mia Farrow this morning. “Sweetheart, I’ve been trying to return your call but can’t leave a message because the mailbox is full.” What? Why is Mia trying to reach her her former stepdaughter? (Note: Farrow is 75, making her five years younger than Nancy.) Does it have something to do with Mia’s son, Ronan, possibly being Frank Sinatra’s secret child? Does Mia want money? Is she warning Nancy that Ronan is doing a DNA test? Did Mia finally read Woody Allen’s book and she’s apologizing to everyone for being crazy?

Or is it just something stupid? Maybe Ronan is Nancy’s son with someone else and Mia passed him off as her kid? That’s why Ronan looks like a Sinatra. For god’s sake, Mia, answer your phone or at the very least clear your messages!

You know, Mia, you only live twice.

Happy birthday, Nancy!


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