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John Travolta has set a record, I think, on Rotten Tomatoes.

The follically challenged has been movie star brag that his last fives movies were given a zero 0 rating by critics and bloggers.

A sixth film, apparently being released in the UK, was never released here nor submitted to critics. Called “The Fanatic,” and directed by rocker Fred Durst, it simply doesn’t exist.

The five films with zeroes are: “Life on the Line” in 2016, “Gotti” in 2018, “Speed Kills” also 2018, “The Trading Point,” and “The Poison Rose” each 2019.

Those aren’t Travolta’s only stinkers, but a few others did better. “I Am Wrath” merited an 11% in 2016. “The Forger” earned a 9 in 2015, and “Killing Season” had a 10 in 2013. In 2009, “Old Dogs” was awarded a 5 out of 100 rating.

Not everyone has these bragging rights. Scientology has sure helped his career.

Here’s a clip from “The Fanatic” for our UK pals.

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