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Reality is setting in unfortunately on the status of Broadway star Nick Cordero. His wife, Amanda Kloots, has posted to Instagram stories after taking a break, that “we’re at a standstill.” She concedes that pretty much everything has been done for Nick, who has suffered through 61 days of a hospitalization that would have killed anyone else a long time ago.

Amanda says in the Instagram video that Nick is on a heavy dose of steroids, but otherwise she’s “looking for a miracle” and says that it may not be the miracle everyone’s hoping for. What’s implied is that a “miracle” may not involve recovering. This will be a blow to the legions of friends and fans who’ve put their hearts and hope in Cordero suddenly opening his eyes and breathing on his own.

But the real situation is that Cordero is still breathing on a ventilator, fighting infections, is basically unconscious. Kloots says, “If it’s not the miracle I’m asking for, maybe it’s a different miracle that it comes out in a different way at a different time.”

Cordero, Kloots and baby Elvis came west so Nick could star in “Rock of Ages” in Los Angeles. They’ve been staying with actor Zach Braff, at his guest house. Braff and Nick starred in “Bullets Over Broadway” in New York. Kloots was also in the show, in the chorus, married at the time a New York actor named Dave Larsen. That marriage was not meant to be and in fact Larsen just recently announced his engagement. “After Nick’s dad died, he wanted to settle down,” a friend says, so he popped the question to Kloots. Elvis, who’s charmed everyone on Instagram, came along soon after.

Kloots has been able to Facetime with Nick, but sources think she may have only been allowed to see him once or twice in person because of the rules at Cedars Sinai. Her demeanor today on Instagram says a lot. She does not have a poker face. Whatever happens, Nick Cordero will certainly know he was loved and appreciated by people all over the world. His story has been an extraordinary counterpoint to the terrible things that have happened this spring.


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