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Lady Gaga’s mood ring has to be colored a little muddled right now.

She’s got a major album release with “Chromatica.” On Thursday she had the number 1 and 2 singles before the album dropped and also hit number 1.

But on iTunes the number 1 single today is not by Lady Gaga. It’s from Britney Spears, of all people. “Mood Ring” is a four year old track that was only available on the Japanese version of her 2016 album called “Glory.” Her fans always wanted it released or included on the US version of “Glory,” but it didn’t happen.

With no new Britney records coming, RCA decided to give “Mood Ring” a spin. And it worked. Britney’s fans pushed it to number 1, and “Glory” to number 40 on the album chart.

The week of May 1st, “Glory”– which has a new “cover” for its digital version — sold just over 1,000 copies after doing nothing for years. The following week, it sold around 600 copies. Last week, it sold 304. Numbers are from Buzz Angle.

“Mood Ring,” written by DJ Mustard, is actually very catchy. We could do worse. I doubt it will run at number 1 very long, but it’s nice for Britney, who’s kind over the hill at this point. Maybe this will give her the confidence to make a new record.

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