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It’s another bust for KPop in the US.

The second solo album from Suga, a member of Korean pop boyband BTS, fizzled on the US charts this week. “D2,” listed as a mixtape from Suga’s pen name Augst D, sold just 37,750 copies. It finished at number 9 for the week.

Min Yoon-gi is the real name of the 27 year old singer, who has two stage names. As usual with BTS and KPop, there’s a huge amount of hype and no real interest in America. Last Friday, “D2” debuted on iTunes at number 1, which is meaningless, and several of its singles dotted the top 50 in the iTunes singles chart.

But it was all suspect, as usual. The singles got no radio play, and no one knew what “D2” was. In short order, the whole thing fizzled. A week later there are no singles in the top 100 and the album is number 20.

This follows BTS, the main band, which is certainly popular in Korea, and in various countries, but really has no major following the US. Their most recent album, released April 2019, has sold 700,000 copies, with 400K of those actual sales and the rest streaming.

 Here’s the single, “Daechwita,” which translates into “$$$$”:


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