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The Mariah Carey fans, who hate me, are doing it again.

They’re gaming the iTunes chart, pushing the “Glitter” soundtrack album from the god awful movie of the same name, back up the chart. They’ve got it at number 13.

The fans did this November 2018 for two weeks, buying around 7,000 copies of “Glitter” and sending it to number 1. It fell off the chart a week later.

Just recently, Mariah’s “lambs” did this with another long and buried album, “E=MC2.” They drove it up to number 1 over a weekend. It hit the top on a Monday and was gone by Friday.

The only difference is that “E=Mc2” was discounted to $4.99. So even though it was money wasted, it wasn’t so much. The “Glitter” download is $8.99. The stakes are higher. Also sitting at number 1 right is a KPop album called “D2,” and those fans are already gaming the chart. So the lambs have a tougher go of it this time around.

“Glitter” sold no copies last week, or the week before. It will be interesting to see what the fans have done. We’ll get the first numbers for today over the weekend. Nature abhors a vacuum, and the Carey fans rush to fill it. I guess this is how they send their stimulus checks.


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