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Baker, Winokur, Ryder was one of my favorite PR firms in the 90s and 00s. Nanci Ryder was simply the best there was in the biz. Larry Winokur was a pleasure to deal with. (I didn’t really know Paul Baker.) But as of today, the agency, founded in 1987, is gone.

They succumbed to the changing generations, the economy, and consolidation. All these PR agencies that handle movie, TV, and Broadway talent live on monthly or annual fees from studios and stars. But if no one’s making any entertainment, and everyone is laying low, no one want to pay. It’s as simple as that.

Leslie Sloane, who has her own firm now, was a BWR star. We always had a good time getting ourselves into trouble on a variety of issues. But she’s moved on. Cindy Guagenti is still with BWR, wherever she goes people will be lucky to have her. She steered Brad Pitt’s career through thick and thin. Nicole Perna and Melissa Raubvogel have made their Imprint with a new agency that includes Dominique Appel, Brett Ruttenberg, Jeffrey Chasen and Ashley Mokma.

Nanci Ryder has been battling ALS for some time now. She’s retired. She’s so loved that her star clients are looking after her. You can read all about it here. The end of BWR is probably hard for her in the abstract, but her health is more important. I hope she knows how many fans she has on the East Coast.

So farewell, BWR. You had a great run!


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